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A Global Crisis, By The Numbers

Forcibly Displaced People Worldwide


Stateless People

Refugees Resettled (2016)

*source: UN Refugee Agency

What Safe Harbor Offers

Self-Sovereign Identity

Harbor directly supportsĀ uPort, allowing refugees to re-establish their digital identity upon arrival without the need for centralized systems. At the same time, they can immediately begin transacting in the local economy as the identity contract also stores value.

Biometric-based Services

From securing the platform to helping reconnect families, Harbor’s AI utilizes open-source facial recognition frameworks to streamline and track the entire resettlement process.

Incentivized Integration

Harbor provides government agencies and non-profits the ability to incentivize behavior that will lead to successful resettlements. With blockchain identities established, refugees are now able to be easily rewarded for completing language classes, job training workshops, and weekly check-ins.

Direct Opportunities

Harbor’s goal is to get short-term employment opportunities in front of refugees within days of arrival. Each successful task is added as an attestation to their digital identity. A verifiable job history paired with a biometrically-secure platform will ease barriers to employment.

Core Technology



Refugees will benefit immediately from the establishment of self-sovereign identification, allowing them to interact with the Ethereum network without the need for login and passwords. At the same time, their decentralized identity is accompanied by the ability to serve as a value store that cannot be frozen, altered, or stolen by any government or private entity.

Facial Recognition & Biometrics

Project Safe Harbor leverages open-source biometric recognition (OpenBR) to conduct 1:1 face match verification. Completely dockerized for this project, our solution implements a custom built flask application to handle face verification requests as a service.

Open Source

Our Mobile Application is completely open source and built with Ionic 2. We utilize Cordova along with Angular 2, Typescript, and HTML 5. These tools give the ability to design a fully cross-platform solution.

Our Team

Aleksandar Velkoski

Aleksandar Velkoski

A.I. / ML Expert

David Conroy

David Conroy

Blockchain Developer

John O'Sullivan

John O'Sullivan

Mobile App Development

Thank You To The World Virtual GovHack Partners

Donate Your Old Device

Once live, Project Safe Harbor will be accepting direct donations of recent model smartphones to assist in the proliferation of self-sovereign identity for the refugees we support. Devices must be in like new condition, while supporting our minimum operating system standards define on our donation form.

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